How to Clean Upholstery in 3 Ways

Upholstery gets stains, dust and dirt like carpets too. Allergens, bacteria and toxic gases can be trapped deep in its fabric if not cleaned right away. As a homeowner, you can do the basic upholstery cleaning on your own just to make sure it’s kept cleaned every day. If the piece is an heirloom or a cherished gift, you should maintain its cleanliness so you can still have it around for a long time. The following are some of the ways you can clean your upholstery in just 15 minutes.  

Clean Upholstery 

Things You Need: 

  • Vacuum 
  • Can of compressed air 
  • White cloths 
  • Upholstery brush (horsehair) 
  • Gentle clear dish soap 
  • Small bucket 
  • Capture soil release pre-mist (for stains) 
  • Capture carpet and rug dry cleaner (for stains) 

Cleaning Methods: 

Suction (5 minutes) 

This procedure will last for about 5 minutes. Vacuum the upholstery from left to right using an upholstery attachment. Start at the top then work towards the bottom, overlapping the strokes. If the fabric of upholstery is delicate like linen and silk, make sure to set the suction to low. The left to right technique is vital for materials that hold on to dirt too much, materials like suede, chenille, corduroy and velvet. Click the crevice nozzle and vacuum around seams and under cushions. To blast dirt from button nooks and tufting, use the can of compressed air.  

Spot Removal (5 minutes) 

This method will take only 5 minutes too. Use the Capture Soil Release Pre-Mist on the stains on cotton, linen, polyester-acrylic and jacquard. To make sure, test the product first in an inconspicuous spot. Use the Capture Carpet to sprinkle the spots. To cover the stain, use the Rug Dry Cleaner and rub the powder gently into the fabric. After that, vacuum it. You can repeat the method if necessary. If the stain is still there even after two rounds of the cleaning, leave it and call a professional. For stains on vinyl and leather, spray Pledge on the cloth and rub the stained area. Avoid using cleaners that contain silicone when you’re cleaning these types of materials because the chemicals will tighten and crack the materials.  

Sudsing (5 minutes) 

To make a lot of suds, pour ½ tsp. of dish soap in a bucket then run it with warm water. Dip the hair horse upholstery brush in the suds and sweep the upholstery’s sections. Make sure to make light touches only, as if you’re brushing bread with little butter or frosting a cake. Avoid soaking the fabric. After the sudsing procedure, wipe the fabric gently with a damp and clean cloth. Wait for the upholstery to dry before you use it. If you want to do the same process on the other sides of the piece, do it next time until it is fully dry.  

Make sure to carefully follow what is mentioned here because upholsteries are delicate pieces. Some of them are antique and gifts which gives a classic look to your home. If you don’t know to clean it, call a professional for help.  


How to Care for the Coat and Nails of Your Dog 

Bathing and Brushing 

Brushing your pet at least once every week is actually a nice habit in order to remove dry skin and hair as well as to spread natural oils. If the hair of your dog is not matted and smooth, a bristle brush or rubber brush will actually, work fine. For matte, thick and matted fur, you can use a much slicker brush in order to work out its tangles, most especially around his tail. 


Whether you like it or not, your dog must get a bath once every three months and more often if your dog has skin problems or gets dirty outdoors. A good brushing habit before your dog takes a bath can also help get rid of any dead hair which can tangle, shed and even clog the drain. In addition to that, you should also make sure that you use a shampoo that is specifically designed for dogs and not for people. You should also use a lukewarm water or even use a hose with sprayer. Clean his ears and face separately using a wet washcloth. 


The nails of your dog may naturally wear down. A good rule of thumb for this is to check the nails of your dog at least every two weeks. In case you hear any clicking sound when he is walking across the floor, it is probably the right time. 

Make sure that you only use a nail clipper that is made for pets, as well as replace its blades when they already get dull. The nails of your dog actually have a vein that is running through them and there’s a tendency that you can clip it if ever you cut their nails too much. It is hard to see that particular vein especially if your dog has black nails, which is why it’s best that you nip off a bit of his nail at a time in order to be on the safe side. 

Most dogs really hate getting their nails trimmed. Therefore, do not get frustrated if you are not able to do all its 4 paws in just one sitting. In addition to that, it helps if you touch the feet of your dog constantly as well as reward him if he will allow you to without showing any protest. 

Hot Spots and Fleas 

Fleas are not only itchy annoying, but they can also cause can skin allergies, anemia, and hair loss, as well as pass these diseases to your dog. This is the reason why it’s very important that you ask your Parkville vets if you need a product that prevents tick and flea such as a spot-on liquid, medicated, or even an oral medicine. 

Itchy, painful sores called hot spots can also happen or even get worse when a dog scratches or licks the same area over and over. Sometimes they are also caused by bacterial infections or sometimes by allergies. Furthermore, your dog might also need antibiotics, allergy tests, or pain medicine that’s why it’s recommended that you see a vet instead of self-medicating. 


How to Hire a Good Roofing Contractor

Our roofs are one of the most vital components of our roof. It shields us from the rain, snow, heat, hail and storm. Roofs have typically had a long life expectancy, approximately 20 years and above depending on the materials. However, at some point it gets damaged which ultimately needs to be repaired. If you have done reroofing before and your roof keeps on getting damaged, you know you have to replace it immediately.  

Roofing Contractor 

It is not best for you to continuously repair an old damaged roof, it’s just going to cost you more in the long run and you’re going to end up replacing it anyway. You need to hire a contractor who is expert in roof repair in Newcastle so the problem won’t persist. Here’s how.

Ask for Recommendations 

Hiring a roofer Newcastle is crucial; you might end up hiring an incompetent enough and ruin your roof. So, where should you start looking for a reputable one? The place to start is asking for personal recommendations from your friends and family. Do not trust right away those who you searched on the internet, the best people to ask are your friends and family who have had their roof done before.  

Other good sources are manufacturers of the roof, since they are on the roofing business they can tell you what company is good at what they does. You can also ask the consultant who ran the construction documents while your home is still being made. You can ask past clients or companies who hired contractors for the installation. If they say they are satisfied with the work, then that must be a good company.  

Check License and Certification 

A roofing company should be legally licensed to do their job, if you end up with one that isn’t, and then you’ll have a big problem. Do not overlook license, certification and insurance just because you want to save money. You will get what you pay for, so if you hire a company based on the low price they are charging, then surely you’ll get a low quality of work.  

Ask your candidates for professional memberships at any organizations. It won’t be a guarantee that they will do a very quality work but a certification or membership indicates that they are committed to what they do and will try to give their clients the best roofing service. Check their liability insurance, a job as dangerous as roofing should be insured.  

Research More 

If you already have two or more prospects, then get to know them more. Search their websites, read the reviews and do a little interview so you would know the mindset of the contractor. A contractor who’s willing to help and not just for the money can be trusted.  

Ask for an Estimate 

It’s better that you prepare your budget in advance so you won’t get short. To do this, ask the contractor for an estimate. It should be a detailed estimate, like what roofing system would be installed, how many days or weeks it’s going to install, any extra charges and other important details.